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Spending Free Time With KLIA Airport Facilities

Of course, there is free time when you waiting forthe plane’s arrival at KLIA Airport. You don’t need to be confused because of that free time. You can visit these place/ spot for your needs. Sometimes your schedule not always perfect, there is a time when you waiting a long time before the plane arrived. If you bored or you need something, you can go travel to these recommended place in KLIA Airport.

Rest Area And Buggy Service

  1. Rest Area In KLIA Airport, for heavy sleepiness or tiredness.

If any of you feel so sleepy and need a place to take a nap 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour maybe. Well, this happened to many people or tourists at this KLIA Airport. If the solution is not a hotel, then you can visit this KLIA Airport rest area. You can use a massage chair in the Rest ‘N Go area. Don’t worry you can’t use this massage chair because there are so many people in this KLIA Airport. Those massage chairs spread a lot at KLIA 2 airport, so you won’t miss this chance. When you succeeded in taking a break for just 15 minutes, then it really helps you to continue the journey.

  1. There is a Free Buggy Service, for you who tired of walking

If any of you visited KLIA Airport for the first time, one thing that surprised many people was that the distance. The distance which mentioned is the distance from the plane’s exit door to the exit of the arrival terminal was very far. If you do the timing of walking from the plane’s exit door to the exit of the arrival terminal, then the estimated time is around 10 to 15 minutes. Of course,it depends on your walking pace. For those who have difficulty walking far, it’s recommended to use buggy service.

Of course, it is very preferable for those who need assistance such as the elderly, pregnant women, mother carrying her children, etc. For that condition, there is available buggy service, you don’t need to worry about the fee because its free. For you who still don’t know yet about Buggy, this vehicle can be said like a golf cart. This buggy can fit 6 to 8 people, so it can carry your party. This buggy services available every 10 minutes, you just have to look for the sign and wait there.

  1. Menara Medical Clinic, for you who sick or injured, when traveling

If any of you not feeling okay like sick or injured, then you don’t have to be afraid. You can not just ignore your illness. You can go ahead directly to the MENARA medical clinic, for medical treatments. This Menara Medical Clinic located just to the left of the international arrival exit. There is another location for this clinic, this clinic also presents on Satellite 3rd floor. But many people tend to go to Menara Medical Clinic which located just to the left of the international arrival exit.

  1. Police Station, for you who need police assistance

You don’t need to worry if you happen to experience bad case. There is a police station at KLIA2 Airport. The PDRM is ready to serve all who need help on the 3rd floor.

Storage Area And Capsule Hotel

  1. Storage Area, for you who want to store a bag or luggage

You don’t have to worry if you have heavy or many stuff load. A small or large bag storage area can be found easily at KLIA2 Airport. From the exit door, just turn right and go straight to the end. This place can store as small as your laptop bag or as large as a surfboard.

  1. Capsule Hotel, for you who want to take a shower so fast or just sleep like 3 hours

If any of you who needs that, you can do it at Capsule Hotel. You can find this hotel easily, this Capsule Hotel located on the 1st floor of KLIA2 airport. This Capsule Hotel provides beds with hostel style for a short duration. You can choose these options such as 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. If any of you who want to be alone, or together with family or friend, there are two choices of beds which are a single bed and also a double bed. But, if any of you who don’t want to sleep and just you just want to take a shower, you can do that also in this Capsule Hotel.

  1. The location which good for smokers and selfie lovers

All areas within KLIA2 Airport are non-smoking areas. For those who want to smoke or want to selfie, there is a smoking area located on the 3rd floor, between the departure hall and Gateway in KLIA2. Besides being able to smoke, the view of seeing rows of planes parked is also cool.