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5 Must Buy Cheap Things in Malaysia

I invest a ton of energy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and, each time I go, shopping is the main thing at the forefront of my thoughts. With such a significant number of excellent and remarkable things to purchase in KL, it’s difficult to pick what to purchase first. Notwithstanding, there are five things I generally purchase, and five must gets you ought not miss in case you’re in Kuala Lumpur on a shopping trip.


One of the primary must purchases in KL is hardware. In contrast to neighboring Thailand, where I right now live, hardware in Malaysia are frequently less expensive than in the US and Europe.

Thailand imports the majority of its electronic items however hardware in Malaysia are frequently made in the nation, which means you can get extraordinary arrangements in case you’re set up to correlation shop.

Search for cameras (Nikon, Canon, Casio, Sony and more are on the whole here), cell phones, MP3 players, DVD players, workstations and even electronic family unit things like rice cookers and espresso creators, which can be purchased at sensible costs.

One of the most outstanding spots to purchase hardware and IT items is the 7-story Plaza Low Yat, which you’ll discover behind the Melia lodging close Imbi monorail station.

Batik Fabric

One of Malaysia’s most significant and abnormal crafted works is batik. Batik is a texture on which wax is utilized to make designs on the fabric, that is then colored with various hued colors to create flawless structures.

Malaysian batik is intriguing as, in contrast to batik in Thailand or Singapore, the greater part of Malay batik has blossoms, leaves, trees or unique examples on it as, under customary Muslim law, creatures and individuals aren’t permitted to be utilized as a plan.

Malaysian batik texture, in jolts, pieces or even made into dress and frill, is accessible at business sectors, workmanship stores and shopping centers. Simply don’t purchase on a batik industrial facility visit, as you’ll pay an a lot more expensive rate.

Pewter Ware

Another must purchase in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is neighborhood pewter product. You’ll see it all over KL, in art stores in shopping centers, in gift shops, at neighborhood markets and furthermore at top of the line strength shops. Illustrious Selangor is the world’s biggest pewter maker and is a Kuala Lumpur foundation with regards to shopping.

Obviously, here, pewter items are higher valued than different stores however the quality is essentially breathtaking. Search for win e adornments, pewter lager mugs, key rings, boxes, photograph outlines, drinks liners and even men’s sleeve fasteners. A standout amongst other Royal Selangor shops is at KLCC shopping center or, on the off chance that you need less expensive pewter product, look at Central Market or art looks around town.

Conventional Chinese Medicines and Herbs

With its huge Chinese populace, Kuala Lumpur has numerous shops and market slows down selling customary Chinese drugs and herbs. Everything from customary solutions for fix asthma, cerebral pains, stomach hurts and incontinence to herbs utilized in Chinese dishes, you’ll see it all in KL. Perhaps the best spot to shop is Jalan Petaling in Chinatown, as it has probably the best natural medication slows down and shops in KL.

Malaysian Snacks

Last in my best five rundown of must purchases in Kuala Lumpur are Malaysian bites. Much the same as each Asian, Malaysians love tidbits and they make a great many various ones. From conventional rice cakes, confections, water chestnut cakes and sweet bean cakes, Chinatown in KL has some flavorful and bona fide Chinese tidbits.

For Indian bites like cassava chips, jalebi (southern style sweet player), puffed rice, roti and samosa, KL’s Brickfields zone is the place you’ll see them.

For conventional Malay tidbits like rice desserts enveloped by banana leaves or curry puffs, Chow Kit is an incredible spot to shop.

Also, if you happen to visit Melaka, try visiting Jonker Walk for night market and food stalls.