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Interesting Things In Petronas Twin-Tower Area

Kuala Lumpur has twin Petronas tower that is unique to visit, but many people visit the twin tower and go home immediately after the photos. Whereas, the twin tower has lots of surrounding areas that can be visited. These area points can be enjoyed after you’re all taking photos with the tower.

Recommended Spots In Twin Tower Area

  1. Petrosains – Discovery Center

Located on the 4th floor of the twin towers, Petrosains is a science place education for children. On of plus point on this Petrosains is the ticket isn’t too expensive.If you come to Kuala Lumpur, invite the children to be very educated there.

  1. Sky Bridge

We can see the sights of Kuala Lumpur on this twin tower connecting bridge located on the 41st floor and the observatory deck on the 86th floor by paying for tickets. Many tourists scared to go up there because of the heights, you also must prepared money for the ticket. Many tourists quite satisfied to see Kuala Lumpur sights from above especially when night time. So if you’re still curious about Kuala Lumpur city view, just try this 41st floor.

  1. Mall – Suria KLCC

This mall is just below the twin tower which is just one area but its position behind the twin tower. This shopping paradise where famous brands are quite complete here. This mall is not too big and not too crowded, you can say it’s quite convenient when shopping here. If you approach the Customer service, the Kuala Lumpur tour map is available. You can take directions for sightseeing, there are also many free vouchers for various brands and tours. Even more, shopping here is free from tax with a minimum purchase requirement of RM 300 in the outlets that are listed. Of course, there are conditions that must be applied. As a tourist, you can also get a privilege card, you can ask CS about this card. You can enjoy shopping or culinary in this Mall.

  1. Money Changer

For those of you who happen to run out of Ringgit money, you can go to the money changer. You can find money changer in Suria Mall. Of course, run out Malaysian money will make you more confused.

  1. Aquaria KLCC

For you sea lovers, when you go to this water world/ water park, then it’s really like in heaven. Many sea creatures in this Aquaria KLCC water park. Many tourists visited this place to enjoy sufficient time.

Outdoor Favorite Destination Spots

  1. Esplanade ( Lake of Symphony )

The fountains dancing in the lake are really cute and beautiful, people call it Lake Symphony. During the evening, a lot of people spend time on the edge of the fountain, to hang out or just to be alone. But its so hard to be alone because there’s nowhere you can be alone if there are so many people.

  1. Jogging track ( KLCC Park )

Across the mall and the fountain is bounded by a jogging track that is quite shady in many trees and is about 1.3 kilometers long. But the path is not straight but it is winding so it doesn’t feel like it is wide enough. Many people are just walking and some are jogging there. Besides that, you can spend a lot of time taking pictures also, just sitting around or straighten your legs.

  1. Swimming pool ( Wading pool )

Not far from Jogging track, there is a swimming pool that is quite large and quite crowded. People call it Wading pool because this pool is only playing pool, not deep and this arena is free entry.If you come with children, you can invite the children to come there. You can cool down in this place when the weather in Kuala Lumpur quite hot.