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How To Get The Cheap Airplane Ticket Price

Now taking a plane is not a difficult thing, so many airlines with LCC types or planes with cheap ticket prices. But don’t just choose the airline and departure day, so we will show you how to get cheap airline tickets online.

Check The Cheap Airplane Promo Tickets

Some airlines often offer promo tickets, some of those are Citilink, Air Asia, Lion Air,and Tiger Air. For your information, there is no domestic flight now for Tiger Air, but there is still international service and the price is quite cheap especially for destinations to Malaysia or Singapore. So, how do you check promo tickets? You just visit their site, just keep checking if there are ticket banners that are suitable for your trip like to genting resort. There is usually a big announcement on the website homepage. So try to periodically check the website, join the newsletter and follow the social media so that you can’t miss the flight promo ticket information from the airline. Usually, it is very often, the point you must to know is you must keep the fast movement. So that you can get cheap plane tickets which can be discounted up to more than 50%. For the price of the promo ticket, the ticket cannot be refunded, so surely you are ready to go on the date that you have chosen.

Order Tickets From Far Away Day

This is one of the easiest ways to get the cheap airplane promo. Airlines like Air Asia are often really doing this promo without the need to have a credit card. You can get really cheap prices, a can only be received if you are dating. If any of you already get an airplane ticket’s price that is quite cheap and fit your purpose too, then immediately buy it. If you want to get your promo ticket, you must pay for the ticket around these time. Usually, you must pay airplane ticket minimum 60 days before departure for domestic flights and minimum 150 days before departure for international flights. Those recommended time of course not always constant.

Clear Your Cache Browser

Some online airlines booking websites have more expensive prices if you come to the website twice. So surely you clear the cache and also delete the browser history when you want it. So don’t be surprised when you first enter, you got IDR 600,000 price for example. Then a few hours, when you want to pay more, the ticket price will be IDR 610,000.

Other Recommended Method Ordering Tickets

If you go tothe party, for example, you and your three friends want to buy airlines tickets. It’s better if you and your friends search for tickets simultaneously with a different browser or laptop. If you compare it than buying four times directly, that method allows you to get a ticket cheaper than buying a group directly. Even though there is a possibility of sitting separately, it is most likely to be in order because of the purchase at the same time. If you are looking for a cheap one, then you must do this method.

There is another method you must use, you should be avoided airplane that transit first in Malaysia or another place. Aside from spending time also spending cost. So the point is to find out as much information as possible before. The last is luck, it can’t be denied that some travelers can get cheap airplane ticket prices on D-1 or on H-day. Well, a true traveler like them usually learns the trends of airlines from the start of the path, day & any airline that flies that day is all thought of. It’s also an experience where they have to wait and see or buy directly.

There is the case that people experienced missed a flight to somewhere, and then he/ she wants to buy the same flight ticket again tocontinue the trip. When it’s online again it turns out the price is cheaper. But for those of you who have an urgent departure don’t try to buy H-1 or the H-day. Especially during the high session departure destination, there is no ticket. Minimum you must order any airlines ticket one week before departure. That condition is a must for a trip that is quite urgent and cannot be skipped.

The conclusion is it’s not that easy to find cheap plane tickets or promos, especially for those of you who have a fixed date schedule that is near date departure. But hopefully, some of the above methods can help you get a plane ticket below the market price. Airlines ticket prices usually go up and down like a peak road, so if you feel you’ve got the cheapest price, don’t forget to buy directly. The problem is that a few hours can go up, even though it might go down again.