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Best Destination In Malaysia

When you have a trip to Kuala Lumpur, if you just stop at Petronas Tower or Bukit Bintang, then it’s very,unfortunately. You can visit also these recommended places. In addition to the frequency of often being visited, these best travel destinations in Malaysia also become favorite and popular.

Recommended Destination Spot In Kuala Lumpur

  • Heli Lounge

If any of you who want to see Kuala Lumpur city view from above, you must try come to this bar. What makes this bar unique is the Heli Lounge located on the helipad. This place is where the helicopter landed at the top of the KH Tower building. This place located on the 34th floor, the view of the city from above can make you not to stop selfie. This bar has two areas which are outdoor and also indoor and outdoor are. In the indoor area, you can see the decorative objects with the theme of flying transportation. To go to the area outdoor you have to climb a few stairs to get to the helipad on it. Don’t forget to be careful, because the helipad doesn’t have a borderline.

  • Shah Alam Street Art

Since 2013, Majlis Bandaraya ShahAlam ( ShahAlam City Council ) has created a program to develop small alleys to become creative zones. In collaboration with the students of UiTM ( Technology Mara University ), several alleys in Shah Alam were made super cool with street art that will make your social media timeline colorful. Even better, this best travel destinations in Malaysiais open 24 hours a day.

  • Rumah Pengulu

In Kuala Lumpur, there is a place where anyone can come to learn about the history of indigenous Malay culture. Well, in this place, there are several Rumah Penghulu that you can see from outside and in the palace. Pengulu here means not civilian officials who work to marry citizens. Rumah Penghulu is a traditional Malay house. This Penghulu house here is touted as one of the oldest traditional houses in Malaysia.

  • Bukit Broga

The location of this Bukit Broga isn’t exactly in Kuala Lumpur. To arrive here, you must take the vehicle for about 45 minutes first. If you want to reach up to the peak is also quite a struggle, because the track is steep in some area. But, you must be pleasured when you reach the top, because, the scenery at the top of Mount Broga is really awesome, especially when the sun rises.

  • Other Hills

There is also hill known as Bukit Lalang, this hill rises about 400 meters above sea level. From above the peak, you can see views of the city, rural areas, oil palm plantations and other hills around it. If you are still not satisfied after climbing 1.5 hours to the top, then you can continue walking to Mount Tok Wan. This mountain hasa height that exceeds Broga Hill which is 675 meters. The path that you will pass is also very cool. Passing through the dense tropical forest that you certainly won’t be able to find in the middle of the city.

Temple, Extreme Games,And Forest Villa

  • Temple Thean Hou

With an area of about 6,700 square meters, this temple which is one of the best travel destinations in Malaysia is dedicated to the Sea Goddess Mazu. Established at the top of Robson Heights, in this 6-story temple you can see the super-beautiful scenery of Kuala Lumpur. This temple is still used as a place to pray by the Chinese community in Malaysia. With elements of belief in Taoism, Buddhism, and also Confucianism, this temple is decorated with bright colors like red and blue. Even though you are not of Chinese descent and are not Buddhist, don’t worry about visiting here, Temple Thean Hou was opened to the public.

  • Skytrex

Besides being in Melaka and Langkawi, this extreme tourist spot was also opened in Shah Alam. After you take photos with street art in the city alleys, you can challenge yourself by playing lots of fun and extreme games here. Surrounded by fairly dense tropical forests, you will be invited to see the scenery while tracing the ropes from one tree to another. You can choose the level of the game that is suitable for you, starting from the beginner to the extreme challenge. In addition to walking on a rope, you will also be taken to cross the river through a net bridge, flying fox, a tree with stairs, and many more. If you dare, you can come here to finish all the games in here.

  • Sekeping Serendah

Even though the location is in the middle of the city, Sekeping Serendah can give you a vacation experience like in the rainforest of Ubud or Sabah. The exact location is in Serendah, about 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur. This Sekeping Serendah is actually a villa that is made for tourists to stay while enjoying the tropical forest atmosphere. Even though it is in the middle of the forest, the facilities at these best travel destinations in Malaysia are modern and classy.