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Best Destination In Malaysia

When you have a trip to Kuala Lumpur, if you just stop at Petronas Tower or Bukit Bintang, then it’s very,unfortunately. You can visit also these recommended places. In addition to the frequency of often being visited, these best travel destinations in Malaysia also become favorite and popular.

Recommended Destination Spot In Kuala Lumpur

  • Heli Lounge

If any of you who want to see Kuala Lumpur city view from above, you must try come to this bar. What makes this bar unique is the Heli Lounge located on the helipad. This place is where the helicopter landed at the top of the KH Tower building. This place located on the 34th floor, the view of the city from above can make you not to stop selfie. This bar has two areas which are outdoor and also indoor and outdoor are. In the indoor area, you can see the decorative objects with the theme of flying transportation. To go to the area outdoor you have to climb a few stairs to get to the helipad on it. Don’t forget to be careful, because the helipad doesn’t have a borderline.

  • Shah Alam Street Art

Since 2013, Majlis Bandaraya ShahAlam ( ShahAlam City Council ) has created a program to develop small alleys to become creative zones. In collaboration with the students of UiTM ( Technology Mara University ), several alleys in Shah Alam were made super cool with street art that will make your social media timeline colorful. Even better, this best travel destinations in Malaysiais open 24 hours a day.

  • Rumah Pengulu

In Kuala Lumpur, there is a place where anyone can come to learn about the history of indigenous Malay culture. Well, in this place, there are several Rumah Penghulu that you can see from outside and in the palace. Pengulu here means not civilian officials who work to marry citizens. Rumah Penghulu is a traditional Malay house. This Penghulu house here is touted as one of the oldest traditional houses in Malaysia.

  • Bukit Broga

The location of this Bukit Broga isn’t exactly in Kuala Lumpur. To arrive here, you must take the vehicle for about 45 minutes first. If you want to reach up to the peak is also quite a struggle, because the track is steep in some area. But, you must be pleasured when you reach the top, because, the scenery at the top of Mount Broga is really awesome, especially when the sun rises.

  • Other Hills

There is also hill known as Bukit Lalang, this hill rises about 400 meters above sea level. From above the peak, you can see views of the city, rural areas, oil palm plantations and other hills around it. If you are still not satisfied after climbing 1.5 hours to the top, then you can continue walking to Mount Tok Wan. This mountain hasa height that exceeds Broga Hill which is 675 meters. The path that you will pass is also very cool. Passing through the dense tropical forest that you certainly won’t be able to find in the middle of the city.

Temple, Extreme Games,And Forest Villa

  • Temple Thean Hou

With an area of about 6,700 square meters, this temple which is one of the best travel destinations in Malaysia is dedicated to the Sea Goddess Mazu. Established at the top of Robson Heights, in this 6-story temple you can see the super-beautiful scenery of Kuala Lumpur. This temple is still used as a place to pray by the Chinese community in Malaysia. With elements of belief in Taoism, Buddhism, and also Confucianism, this temple is decorated with bright colors like red and blue. Even though you are not of Chinese descent and are not Buddhist, don’t worry about visiting here, Temple Thean Hou was opened to the public.

  • Skytrex

Besides being in Melaka and Langkawi, this extreme tourist spot was also opened in Shah Alam. After you take photos with street art in the city alleys, you can challenge yourself by playing lots of fun and extreme games here. Surrounded by fairly dense tropical forests, you will be invited to see the scenery while tracing the ropes from one tree to another. You can choose the level of the game that is suitable for you, starting from the beginner to the extreme challenge. In addition to walking on a rope, you will also be taken to cross the river through a net bridge, flying fox, a tree with stairs, and many more. If you dare, you can come here to finish all the games in here.

  • Sekeping Serendah

Even though the location is in the middle of the city, Sekeping Serendah can give you a vacation experience like in the rainforest of Ubud or Sabah. The exact location is in Serendah, about 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur. This Sekeping Serendah is actually a villa that is made for tourists to stay while enjoying the tropical forest atmosphere. Even though it is in the middle of the forest, the facilities at these best travel destinations in Malaysia are modern and classy.

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Tips Holiday In Genting Resorts World

Malaysia, one of the closest tourist destinations from Indonesia, and Genting Resorts World is one of the great holiday destinations in Malaysia and the others is Petronas Twin-Tower Area. Genting Resorts World is in the mountainous region of Titiwangsa Malaysia, not far from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Resorts World can be a good option when you take a vacation in Malaysia. If you feel like you are often and bored walking around downtown Kuala Lumpur, maybe you can vacation by staying at this Genting Resorts World. You can enjoy the cool mountain air and explore various interesting places here. If you want to know anything about this Genting Resorts World which becomes an attractive vacation spot in Malaysia, take a look description below.

Recommended Area Destination In Genting Resorts World

  1. Sky Avenue

First recommended vacation spot in this Genting Resorts World areal is a Sky Avenue Mall. It can be said that this mall is spacious and confusing for the first time you are here. Sometimes information boards that are displayed do not match Sky Avenue itself perfectly, so you maybe strayed in this mall. But, you guaranteed to be pleasured by the elegant, facilities, mart, and other things in this Sky Avenue Mall.

  1. Hotels

At Genting Resorts World area, there are several hotels that you can choose to stay. Many hotels in here are nice and small. You maybe interested stayed in first-class hotels like First World which is the largest hotel in the world with 7 thousand more rooms, and almost every time full. Of course, you can be pleasured when staying in this great hotel. But, you must ready for the high bill when spending the night in this First World. Then, there is other recommended hotel in Genting Resorts World area which is the Theme Park Hotel. This hotel also often used by many tourists from over the world. This hotel is unique, creative and has a funny design. It can be said that this Theme Park Hotel is ‘instagramable’ hotel. Besides that, there are still other recommended great hotels such as Maxims Hotel, Awana Hotel, and others.

  1. Cafe

Inside Sky Avenue, there are many cafes or places to eat according to your taste. You can eat a various dish from halal to non-halal here, so you can choose the cafe smartly. Cafes and restaurants that often visited by many tourists are such Bubbles&Bites, Motorino, Resort Seafood Steamboat, Richard Cafes, and also Coffee Terrace.

Art, Cultural, And Natural Spot

  1. Visitors Galleria and Senikome PengHeng

Here, we can see and listen directly from the guide about the history of the establishment of Genting Resorts World. Senikome PengHeng is an art museum, where there are many traditional and cultural arts tools from the East Coast of Malaysia.

  1. Awana SkyWay and Cave Temple Chin Swee

The coolest thing about this Genting Resorts World is the Cable Car or Gondola. Awana Skyway operates from 6am to 12pm. Cave Temple Chin Swee also became one of the Genting Resorts World destinations that visited many times. This temple is a large Buddhist temple at Genting Highland. Although this is a place of worship, it is permitted to enter and take pictures. Of course, you must always keep the ethics of manners. To be arrived in here, you can take a bus from the hotels or just take a Gondola.

  1. Fashion Forest

The forest here is not as scary as imagined. instead, this is a cool and contemporary forest. Because here we can learn about plants and some animals. Not only that, we can get the information directly by scanning barcodes in some barcodes that have been installed. So while listening to our guide you can also read through a smartphone. The excitement of this forest is its color that pleasuring your view.

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Interesting Things In Petronas Twin-Tower Area

Kuala Lumpur has twin Petronas tower that is unique to visit, but many people visit the twin tower and go home immediately after the photos. Whereas, the twin tower has lots of surrounding areas that can be visited. These area points can be enjoyed after you’re all taking photos with the tower.

Recommended Spots In Twin Tower Area

  1. Petrosains – Discovery Center

Located on the 4th floor of the twin towers, Petrosains is a science place education for children. On of plus point on this Petrosains is the ticket isn’t too expensive.If you come to Kuala Lumpur, invite the children to be very educated there.

  1. Sky Bridge

We can see the sights of Kuala Lumpur on this twin tower connecting bridge located on the 41st floor and the observatory deck on the 86th floor by paying for tickets. Many tourists scared to go up there because of the heights, you also must prepared money for the ticket. Many tourists quite satisfied to see Kuala Lumpur sights from above especially when night time. So if you’re still curious about Kuala Lumpur city view, just try this 41st floor.

  1. Mall – Suria KLCC

This mall is just below the twin tower which is just one area but its position behind the twin tower. This shopping paradise where famous brands are quite complete here. This mall is not too big and not too crowded, you can say it’s quite convenient when shopping here. If you approach the Customer service, the Kuala Lumpur tour map is available. You can take directions for sightseeing, there are also many free vouchers for various brands and tours. Even more, shopping here is free from tax with a minimum purchase requirement of RM 300 in the outlets that are listed. Of course, there are conditions that must be applied. As a tourist, you can also get a privilege card, you can ask CS about this card. You can enjoy shopping or culinary in this Mall.

  1. Money Changer

For those of you who happen to run out of Ringgit money, you can go to the money changer. You can find money changer in Suria Mall. Of course, run out Malaysian money will make you more confused.

  1. Aquaria KLCC

For you sea lovers, when you go to this water world/ water park, then it’s really like in heaven. Many sea creatures in this Aquaria KLCC water park. Many tourists visited this place to enjoy sufficient time.

Outdoor Favorite Destination Spots

  1. Esplanade ( Lake of Symphony )

The fountains dancing in the lake are really cute and beautiful, people call it Lake Symphony. During the evening, a lot of people spend time on the edge of the fountain, to hang out or just to be alone. But its so hard to be alone because there’s nowhere you can be alone if there are so many people.

  1. Jogging track ( KLCC Park )

Across the mall and the fountain is bounded by a jogging track that is quite shady in many trees and is about 1.3 kilometers long. But the path is not straight but it is winding so it doesn’t feel like it is wide enough. Many people are just walking and some are jogging there. Besides that, you can spend a lot of time taking pictures also, just sitting around or straighten your legs.

  1. Swimming pool ( Wading pool )

Not far from Jogging track, there is a swimming pool that is quite large and quite crowded. People call it Wading pool because this pool is only playing pool, not deep and this arena is free entry.If you come with children, you can invite the children to come there. You can cool down in this place when the weather in Kuala Lumpur quite hot.

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Spending Free Time With KLIA Airport Facilities

Of course, there is free time when you waiting forthe plane’s arrival at KLIA Airport. You don’t need to be confused because of that free time. You can visit these place/ spot for your needs. Sometimes your schedule not always perfect, there is a time when you waiting a long time before the plane arrived. If you bored or you need something, you can go travel to these recommended place in KLIA Airport.

Rest Area And Buggy Service

  1. Rest Area In KLIA Airport, for heavy sleepiness or tiredness.

If any of you feel so sleepy and need a place to take a nap 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour maybe. Well, this happened to many people or tourists at this KLIA Airport. If the solution is not a hotel, then you can visit this KLIA Airport rest area. You can use a massage chair in the Rest ‘N Go area. Don’t worry you can’t use this massage chair because there are so many people in this KLIA Airport. Those massage chairs spread a lot at KLIA 2 airport, so you won’t miss this chance. When you succeeded in taking a break for just 15 minutes, then it really helps you to continue the journey.

  1. There is a Free Buggy Service, for you who tired of walking

If any of you visited KLIA Airport for the first time, one thing that surprised many people was that the distance. The distance which mentioned is the distance from the plane’s exit door to the exit of the arrival terminal was very far. If you do the timing of walking from the plane’s exit door to the exit of the arrival terminal, then the estimated time is around 10 to 15 minutes. Of course,it depends on your walking pace. For those who have difficulty walking far, it’s recommended to use buggy service.

Of course, it is very preferable for those who need assistance such as the elderly, pregnant women, mother carrying her children, etc. For that condition, there is available buggy service, you don’t need to worry about the fee because its free. For you who still don’t know yet about Buggy, this vehicle can be said like a golf cart. This buggy can fit 6 to 8 people, so it can carry your party. This buggy services available every 10 minutes, you just have to look for the sign and wait there.

  1. Menara Medical Clinic, for you who sick or injured, when traveling

If any of you not feeling okay like sick or injured, then you don’t have to be afraid. You can not just ignore your illness. You can go ahead directly to the MENARA medical clinic, for medical treatments. This Menara Medical Clinic located just to the left of the international arrival exit. There is another location for this clinic, this clinic also presents on Satellite 3rd floor. But many people tend to go to Menara Medical Clinic which located just to the left of the international arrival exit.

  1. Police Station, for you who need police assistance

You don’t need to worry if you happen to experience bad case. There is a police station at KLIA2 Airport. The PDRM is ready to serve all who need help on the 3rd floor.

Storage Area And Capsule Hotel

  1. Storage Area, for you who want to store a bag or luggage

You don’t have to worry if you have heavy or many stuff load. A small or large bag storage area can be found easily at KLIA2 Airport. From the exit door, just turn right and go straight to the end. This place can store as small as your laptop bag or as large as a surfboard.

  1. Capsule Hotel, for you who want to take a shower so fast or just sleep like 3 hours

If any of you who needs that, you can do it at Capsule Hotel. You can find this hotel easily, this Capsule Hotel located on the 1st floor of KLIA2 airport. This Capsule Hotel provides beds with hostel style for a short duration. You can choose these options such as 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours. If any of you who want to be alone, or together with family or friend, there are two choices of beds which are a single bed and also a double bed. But, if any of you who don’t want to sleep and just you just want to take a shower, you can do that also in this Capsule Hotel.

  1. The location which good for smokers and selfie lovers

All areas within KLIA2 Airport are non-smoking areas. For those who want to smoke or want to selfie, there is a smoking area located on the 3rd floor, between the departure hall and Gateway in KLIA2. Besides being able to smoke, the view of seeing rows of planes parked is also cool.

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How To Get The Cheap Airplane Ticket Price

Now taking a plane is not a difficult thing, so many airlines with LCC types or planes with cheap ticket prices. But don’t just choose the airline and departure day, so we will show you how to get cheap airline tickets online.

Check The Cheap Airplane Promo Tickets

Some airlines often offer promo tickets, some of those are Citilink, Air Asia, Lion Air,and Tiger Air. For your information, there is no domestic flight now for Tiger Air, but there is still international service and the price is quite cheap especially for destinations to Malaysia or Singapore. So, how do you check promo tickets? You just visit their site, just keep checking if there are ticket banners that are suitable for your trip like to genting resort. There is usually a big announcement on the website homepage. So try to periodically check the website, join the newsletter and follow the social media so that you can’t miss the flight promo ticket information from the airline. Usually, it is very often, the point you must to know is you must keep the fast movement. So that you can get cheap plane tickets which can be discounted up to more than 50%. For the price of the promo ticket, the ticket cannot be refunded, so surely you are ready to go on the date that you have chosen.

Order Tickets From Far Away Day

This is one of the easiest ways to get the cheap airplane promo. Airlines like Air Asia are often really doing this promo without the need to have a credit card. You can get really cheap prices, a can only be received if you are dating. If any of you already get an airplane ticket’s price that is quite cheap and fit your purpose too, then immediately buy it. If you want to get your promo ticket, you must pay for the ticket around these time. Usually, you must pay airplane ticket minimum 60 days before departure for domestic flights and minimum 150 days before departure for international flights. Those recommended time of course not always constant.

Clear Your Cache Browser

Some online airlines booking websites have more expensive prices if you come to the website twice. So surely you clear the cache and also delete the browser history when you want it. So don’t be surprised when you first enter, you got IDR 600,000 price for example. Then a few hours, when you want to pay more, the ticket price will be IDR 610,000.

Other Recommended Method Ordering Tickets

If you go tothe party, for example, you and your three friends want to buy airlines tickets. It’s better if you and your friends search for tickets simultaneously with a different browser or laptop. If you compare it than buying four times directly, that method allows you to get a ticket cheaper than buying a group directly. Even though there is a possibility of sitting separately, it is most likely to be in order because of the purchase at the same time. If you are looking for a cheap one, then you must do this method.

There is another method you must use, you should be avoided airplane that transit first in Malaysia or another place. Aside from spending time also spending cost. So the point is to find out as much information as possible before. The last is luck, it can’t be denied that some travelers can get cheap airplane ticket prices on D-1 or on H-day. Well, a true traveler like them usually learns the trends of airlines from the start of the path, day & any airline that flies that day is all thought of. It’s also an experience where they have to wait and see or buy directly.

There is the case that people experienced missed a flight to somewhere, and then he/ she wants to buy the same flight ticket again tocontinue the trip. When it’s online again it turns out the price is cheaper. But for those of you who have an urgent departure don’t try to buy H-1 or the H-day. Especially during the high session departure destination, there is no ticket. Minimum you must order any airlines ticket one week before departure. That condition is a must for a trip that is quite urgent and cannot be skipped.

The conclusion is it’s not that easy to find cheap plane tickets or promos, especially for those of you who have a fixed date schedule that is near date departure. But hopefully, some of the above methods can help you get a plane ticket below the market price. Airlines ticket prices usually go up and down like a peak road, so if you feel you’ve got the cheapest price, don’t forget to buy directly. The problem is that a few hours can go up, even though it might go down again.

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